Destroying our Enemies through Love and Compassion

Posted on December 25, 2015 | 0 Comments

To destroy an enemy, we must embrace him. We must love and understand him. Whether it is a politician or a mass shooter or someone we think betrays the morals of our higher power, the only way to destroy the enemy is to love her. If hate, ignorance, and judgement are what cause the problem, hate cannot solve it--only love. The balm must be love and education and emanate from an enlightened place that demonstrates an awareness of our own darkness.

I see many people, in many different forums attacking others with some vitriol. While in many instances I may hope for the irradiation of object of their ire, I don't think this is the solution. I had someone tell me not too long ago that "I was a better person than them for having forgave someone who did me harm."

I disagreed and said, "No. I am just so cognizant of all the ways I have made mistakes and hurt other people that if I kept hate in my heart for that person, I would have to hate myself as well. Symptoms are evidence of our wounds and it is only when learn to hold ourself with this compassion and see this, we may we be able demonstrate it for others.

The difficulty here as our need to be good so we project "badness" out there and attack it. We developed this method to survive, for any "badness" in us put us at risk for being rejected and alone. So we repressed the things that we thought were bad (what others told us or suggested to us that was unlovable and morally reprehensible)--and this is why we employ hate and judgment towards others. We think that is how one rids oneself of undesirable traits. But that method only perpetuates repression which lead to many mental health issues.

My wish to all on December 25th is for peace, and a peace that comes after we understand that the only battle between good and evil is the one raging on inside of us.