Finding Yourself and Finding Others

Building Awareness to Create Strong Relationships

Enlightening Relationships

Dr. Reedy is the Co-founder and Clinical Director for Evoke Therapy Programs. Evoke offers innovative treatment solutions for many mental health concerns in teens and young adults.

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From Awareness to Healing Relationships

Enlightening Relationships begins with individuals discovering themselves as they thoughtfully explore their unique history and its impact on current relationships. Whether it is parenting, coupleship or any other relationship, the question of Who am I?  must first be addressed. The quality of our relationships begins with developing a more complete self.

Dr. Reedy’s work with families, parents, couples, professionals, and individuals seeks to shed light on how we relate to each other. This vision asks participants to concentrate their focus to a deep understanding of the self we developed in our childhood context. With this enlightenment, we move towards clarity, away from the confusion that comes from shame and fear. As we become more clear about our own issues, we will be able to make a healthy connection to others.

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