Speaking Engagements

Dr. Brad Reedy is available for professional trainings or speaking engagements. His areas of expertise include parenting, adolescence and young adulthood, and therapist training. In his book, Dr. Reedy combines philosophy with modern views of psychotherapy to create a powerful message for those interested in creating meaningful changes in their relationships.

In conjunction with his role as  Clinical Director at Evoke Therapy Programs, Brad has been invited to deliver several keynote addresses on wilderness therapy, treatment of addiction, adolescent issues, and parenting. He has presented at national conferences and at universities on the subject of the use of experiential therapy in the treatment for young adults and teens. He is often asked to present at parent education conferences, symposiums and workshops and has been invited to speak as an expert in national syndicated radio shows such as the “Dennis Prager Show,” “Parenting the Addicted Child” and “The Judith Regan Show.”

Dr. Reedy is available for clinical trainings for programs interested in including The Journey of the Heroic Parent as a part of their parent education curriculum. Contact us for more information.