The Journey of the Heroic Parent: Your Child's Struggle and the Road Home (buy here)

Raising children struggling with mental health issues, addictions, or just the normal angst of growing up can be frightening and overwhelming. While each family is unique, patterns of anxiety and confusion are often present. As a therapist and parent educator for thousands of families enrolled in his popular wilderness programs, Dr. Brad Reedy’s had a unique vantage point watching parents move away from anxiety and confusion towards empowerment and clarity.

Rather than offering expert advice on how to raise your child, Brad outlines a process that provides parents with an enduring source of truth—themselves. There is not one right way to raise a child—there are thousands of right ways to raise a child. In this book, Brad shares principles from his experience as a wilderness therapist that can be applied to all families and to all of our relationships. In the process of attempting to save our children from their seemingly impending self-destruction, we can be transformed. This transformation includes the development of greater compassion for others and ourselves. Brad’s message allows us to break through our shame and guilt, replace control with influence, understand our intent, and develop a greater capacity to truly see our children.

There is deep wisdom hidden beneath the symptoms our children are exhibiting. If we don’t embrace our journey, we might miss it. It is a call to stretch yourself, to feel things, to walk the road less traveled. Through this process we learn of the world beyond the limits we previously believed were the edges of our lives.

For effective parenting, the question is not “What do I do with my child?” but “Who am I?” and “What is my relationship with my child and what is my relationship with my child’s problems?” Parenting principles and skills are not for changing children, but rather for changing parents. And this change can have powerful, long-lasting, positive effects on our children. The concepts we learn from parenting children who struggle apply to all our relationships. Becoming a better parent means becoming a better person.

Dr. Reedy is available for professional trainings for programs interested in including The Journey of the Heroic Parent as a part of their parent education curriculum.

Praise for The Journey of the Heroic Parent:

Important, relevant, and vulnerable is Dr. Brad Reedy’s message and road map for parents seeking deeper understanding, clarity, and happiness in The Journey of the Heroic Parent. I'm on the front lines daily with codependency and emotional trauma that parents often experience when their child needs or is in treatment and see first-hand the dramatic effect these conditions have on relationships. Unfortunately, far too many parents are torn apart by not having the tools Brad provides in this must read for any parent. This book is also an awakening to behavioral health professionals as this vital information is often overlooked. Parents looking for more than another self-help surface guide should take the time to invest in this smart and impactful resource.

—Miles Adcox, CEO Onsite

Brad’s compassionate approach invites healing for children and for parents. His ability to help parents and children find their own voice comes as he takes you on the journey of exploring your relationship with yourself and your child. As a clinician I've watched countless families transform & heal. Most powerfully, I've experienced Second Nature & Brad first hand as a parent. Trusting his pioneering process is a transformative and healing experience like no other in the field of mental health.

—Dirk Eldredge, CIP, BRI I, CADAC Alchemy Intervention

I have had the honor and pleasure of knowing Dr. Brad Reedy for over twenty years. His dedication to the lives of adolescents and their families is commendable. I often refer families to Second Nature, and have yet to encounter an adolescent or family who has not found the experience to be a life-changing first step on what is often a long and painful journey. I hear nothing but praise from parents for Dr. Reedy’s webinars, and this book is a perfect adjunct to those presentations.

—Teri Solochek, Ph.D., C.E.P. Educational Consultant

What I love about Brad’s work is that he doesn’t preach or give advice. Rather he guides the parent and child through a process of self-discovery. Learning that we have all the wisdom we need, buried beneath our fears, shame, and myriad of voices in our head is an empowering experience.

—Elisa Hallerman, Founder/C.E.O. Recovery Management Agency

In The Journey of the Heroic Parent, Dr. Reedy shows us how to parent with an Open Heart. He is able to help parents see through the confusion, frustration, and anxieties to discover their own voice in parenting, and to discover that the journey of being a healthy parent is really the journey of being a healthy person. As we embrace our journey, we will be able to add greater insight and skills to a most profound love—the love of that between a mother and her children.

—Jane Seymour, Emmy & Golden Globe Winning Actress, Author, Artist, Entrepreneur, and Mother

The Journey of the Heroic Parent shows how the generation gap that exists between parents and children can be bridged as a parent embraces their own journey of self discovery.

—Nikki Sixx, Bass Player/Motley Crue, Sixx AM, & Sixx Sense Radio Host

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