Life Coaching

At Enlightening Relationships, our mission is to help individuals liberate themselves from unnecessary suffering though collaboration with our life coaches; weekly calls help to clarify the role and direction in your relationships. In addition to scheduled calls, Brad or Michelle will be available by email or phone if the issue is time-sensitive. 

Rather than providing simple advice or solutions, our expertise is in creating a process with clients to discover their own truth. Nested in compassion and non-judgment, clients are encouraged to explore the roots of their issues. Mood issues, substance issues and other challenges are understood with a thorough exploration of our early childhood experiences. Teaching clients how to think about their relationships provides an enduring source of clarity.

Drawing on decades of experience as Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, Brad and Michelle provide direction in finding satisfaction and meaning on your journey. Our life coaching service also includes access to our webinar library and weekly live broadcasts. Contact us for more information.


I have had the good fortune to meet and work with Dr. Brad Reedy for the past five years and I hope to work with him indefinitely. His counsel in troubling times has been invaluable, but it is his quiet guidance and insight into daily life and self that has enabled me to recognize my strengths, boundaries and limitations. I am certain this work is making me a better parent, a more authentic partner, and is giving me a greater sense of peace in my life.

—Kathryn H. 

Brad is a great listener, and a great therapist. Our work together has taught me how to understand and accept the struggles faced by each family member. I can offer support (without judgment), but must leave each of my children to solve their own problems, which only they can do. Brad’s support and advice helps me to keep moving forward on this path, and to embrace the journey.

Jon G.