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Five of the Greatest Gifts A Mother Can Give Her Children On Mother's Day

Posted by Michelle Reedy on May 09, 2015 | 1 comment(s)

Why do we often hear that Mother’s Day is a day filled with anxiety, sadness, guilt, anger and unfulfilled expectations? There are a myriad of answers to why mothers experience those feelings and a complicated array of scenarios people have to navigate on this holiday. On of the challenges of this holiday is how we try to package the universal feeling of motherhood into the the diversity of people’s experiences It is impossible for me to address everyone’s situation. What I do bring to the table is my experience as a mom and step-mom, as well as a daughter of a step-mom, mom and mother-in-law. From these experiences, I have a few ideas on how to help children have an easier time around this emotionally laden holiday. I also find it interesting that a similar dynamic doesn’t seem to happen as intensely on Father’s Day. There seems to be something unique to mothers that creates vulnerabilities to these difficult emotions. Below are five of the many dynamics that play a part in creating an emotionally stressful holiday rather than a celebration of the unique gifts of motherhood.

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